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Medieval Asia - 3D Kit_v02

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This collection includes:

  • 340+ models
  • Highres maps and materials
  • Bundle of already made assets ready to use such as doors, windows, buildings, etc
  • Blender asset library set up and ready to use
  • Optimized assets
  • .obj & .fbx files

Containing dozens of singular simple pieces for you to unleash your creativity and build your own assets and worlds. Bypass the time consuming technical areas of modeling and texturing and go straight to focus on what you love. Creating!

The Asset browser is already set up and organized for quick access.

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Here are a few new pieces we created for this kit. Feel free to download!

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This collection includes: Over 340+ models, Blender ready file, high res maps and materials, blender ready asset library

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Medieval Asia - 3D Kit_v02

1 rating
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